Specialized Protection

As an industry leader in large scale systems integration and services, Stars Fire & Safety has the expertise to offer specialist services, systems, equipment and training tailored to meet your requirements.


Our specialised services include; risk auditing, fire modelling, integrated environmental design, engineering, compliance, supply and commission, certification, safety audits and more.

Large scale and specialised fire solutions

Our business is keeping you in business.

Our dedicated Major Projects Team helps reduce capital investment through customised design that meets and exceeds industrial risk management requirements for market sectors such as oil and gas, power generation and mining.

A serious fire can have a devastating effect on an organisation. Lives are placed at risk, and physical property can take months to rebuild. For many companies, the business never fully recovers.


Our Contract Specific Project Plan is based on our commitment to customer satisfaction, corporate quality principles, the requirements
of international standards set by ISO9001, site- specific procedures and customer specifications.


No matter what challenges confront your business, we’re able to deliver the most up-to-date fire system available or refurbish and upgrade your existing system to the same standard.




Our Major Projects Team provides state-of-the-art asset and life safety protection to operations that are high-risk, production intensive and provide an essential service where business interruption cannot be tolerated. At the same time as protecting assets, we also address the vital safety needs of personnel.


From oil and gas, power and mining operations to computer, switching stations and transmission facilities we can provide risk management solutions using our specialised and targeted fire suppression and detection systems. Our team will survey your facilities and recommend a fire solution that will form an integral part of your overall risk management plan.


Systems can be sophisticated and products outstanding, but their effectiveness will always depend on the expertise of the people who design and install them. An experienced and competent workforce is an organisation’s best asset. This is especially true in a company offering a service as vital as fire protection.


As leaders in our industry, we value our staff and appreciate the contribution every individual brings to the table. We are committed to enhancing our collective capability via ongoing, accredited staff training, regular internal audits and careful monitoring of the latest equipment and technology.

Stars Fire & Safety can provide specialised protection for high risk, production intensive assets. Our Special Hazards solutions include; pre-action systems, deluge systems, water spray and mist systems and gas and foam suppression systems. After surveying your facility, our team recommend the right specialist fire protection solution for you.


Our Special Hazard solutions are tailored for areas that contain high value or mission critical assets, such as; computer rooms, operating theatres, data recovery centres, museums, libraries, switch rooms and restaurant and kitchen facilities.


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Major Projects

Stars Fire & Safety undertakes Specialized Fire Protection which can entail :

Clean Agent Systems

Inerting Systems

High Speed Deluge Systems

High Expansion Foam Systems

Low Expansion (AFFF) Foam Systems

Kitchen Hood Wet/Dry Chemical Systems

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