About Us

STARS FIRE & SAFETY  LLC was established in Abu Dhabi in the year 1997. It has expanded with branches in Dubai, Sharjah and plays vital role in the UAE market by providing turnkey solutions in the field of Fire & Safety.
Over the years, the company has developed a professional team of technically trained staff providing quick response to the timely needs of our valued customers in fire protection.

STARS FIRE & SAFETY is one of the few companies that have obtained the license and approval for supply, installation and maintenance of Fire protection systems in residential, industrial and oil field facilities from the Civil Defense.

We extend to our clients pre-sales services such as advising, preparation of proposals including layouts and drawings based on the clients specific needs for the projects. Thanks to our quality, back up support service, competitive prices and latest solutions. We are committed towards high standard of safety and technical training for the manpower, materials and machinery and protection of our environment.

One of the important factors in safety is the proper functioning of the existing system with timely repairs and maintenance and upgrading of the system whenever where ever necessary. In order to achieve this objective, periodical maintenance of the installed systems is necessary. Hence we extend our service through Annual Maintenance Contract and Breakdown or Call Out Maintenance as well.


Showcasing an innovative, practical and robust approach to fire and safety engineering.
Over the years STARS FIRE & SAFETY has developed a professional team of technically trained staff providing quick response to the timely needs of our valued customers. . Thanks to our quality, Team work, Team spirit, back up support service, competitive prices and latest solutions. Health, Safety, Quality and the environment are among the most important concern of our company.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a friendly and professional service through our open manner and personal approach to your fire protection requirements. We aim to meet all our deadlines and completion of projects in a timely manner. We have networked our services with other fields within the fire protection industry and in return we are able to offer reasonable prices to enable Customers to meet their requirements for Essential Safety Services.

Company Skill Sets

Servicing and Maintenance


Compliance and Testing


Specialised Fire Protection Solutions




Testing and Certification



We are an ISO 9001 certified Company with over 23 years of experience. Stars Fire & Safety Equipment is known for its Adherence and Commitment to Quality and Service.

We strive for continual improvement of our quality management systems and can ensure proper procedures that are dependable, accurate and precise.

Being ISO-9001 compliant we undertake vigorous testing and approval process each time, every time.

Stars Fire & Safety’s staff of professionals are highly trained and experienced in performing reviews of fire protection systems, building, fire code, and life safety plans.  Our consultants have come to Stars Fire & Safety with prior experience and/or education in the field of fire protection.  Backgrounds include fire service experience in fire prevention and protection, college degrees in fire science and engineering, experience with private fire protection companies and a variety of certifications.

We strive to stay current in our profession through continued education and by attaining additional and higher levels of certification.  We owe our municipal and fire district clients the best possible service and expertise, and we strive to remain recognized as a leader in providing third party plan review services.

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