Detector Module

Intelligently connected addressable Detector Modules
Addressable modules intelligently connect independent, potential-free make or break contacts. Detector modules monitor devices responsible for alarm inputs and confirm signals or technical states etc.


The input lines are monitored for open and short circuits. Addressable modules can be independently configured via a fire control panel for status or alarm messages. The input/output modules reliably control other equipment, such as door holders, fire dampers, smoke control systems, plant shutdown etc. Whatever the need, we provides the ideal addressable module.

Intelligent and conventional modules are designed to help you meet a wide range of application requirements. The conventional detector module provides multiple lines for connecting detectors based on the current increase principle.


Analysis limits can be freely con figured for each line: alarms, wire breakage, and short circuit. Each group can be configured individually, e.g. detector dependency, group number, group text, alarm type and alarm delays.


With the configuration software, all alarms of the various groups can be logically linked with other groups and detectors, and connected to controls on loops, control groups, relays, LEDs, etc. The module is inserted into the fire alarm panel without wiring. The lines can be connected directly to the module. Technical measures for preventing false alarms are integrated. All standard fire detectors for smoke and heat can be connected to each line in any combination.


All requirements of every type of safety concept imaginable can easily be implemented. The alarm can be freely selected for each group. This makes it possible to use the module for various functions, e.g. fire alarms, function monitoring of system elements, and for manual controls, e.g. extinguish ant shut-off or additional discharge.

We offer a wide range of Addressable intelligently connected Detector Modules that fits your every need

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