Break Glass Units

A Break Glass Call Point is a device which enables personnel to raise the alarm by breaking the frangible element on the fascia. They should be mounted 1.4m from the floor and sited where they can be easily seen.

Manual Call Points should be sited on the floor landings of stairways and at exits to open air. It should be noted that Call Points should be fitted on the floor side of an access door to a staircase so the floor of origin is indicated at the Control Panel.

These are not your typical emergency ‘break glass’ units, these are much better as they are fully resettable so can be triggered again and again without the need to replace cracked glass. The resetting process is very quick and easy too, simply pop the reset key into the reset hole on the under-side of the call point, and you acheter du cialis en ligne will then be able to slide the bottom face down, releasing the push panel back into its original state, then simply clip the bottom face back up into place and it’s ready for further use.


A greater number of Call Points may be needed in high risk areas or if the occupants are likely to be slow in movement. Flameproof call points are available, also handle operated points for use in areas where broken glass may cause a hazard.

  • Open circuit, closed circuit, fault monitored circuit
  • Surface, flush mounting
  • Weatherproof, internal location
  • Spare breakable material
  • Contact rating suitable for load under alarm conditions
  • Special call points for flameproof or special hazard areas
  • Hammer for call points with breakable front plates

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