Fire alarm flashers are a worthwhile addition to any fire alarm system – they provide a visual warning of fire.


A fire alarm flasher is essential in many types of application such as where background noise in a busy factory inhibits workers hearing or where people could be wearing ear plugs or ear protectors. Fire alarm flashers will grab the attention of those people and let them quickly know there could be immediate danger.

A fire alarm flashers could save lives is in letting hearing-impaired or deaf people know that there is a fire alarm situation. Much the same as able people will react to the sound of an audible fire alarm, the hearing-impaired will know to react the same way to a fire alarm flasher and take appropriate action such as evacuating the building.


Fire alarm flashers work on the same principle as fire alarm sounders and it is often possible to purchase combined fire alarm sounder-flashers to reduce the number of devices in your fire alarm system. As soon as the fire alarm control panel registers the fire signal from a fire detector the sounders and flashers in the alarm system will all receive a signal to activate. Traditionally the fire alarm flasher will emit a red strobe light but it is possible to purchase flashers in colorless enclosures and even amber or blue.


Fire alarm flashers are also available in a number of styles and designs – low-profile flashers, round flashers, square flashers, domed flashers and even weather-proof flashers are on the market so you can choose the ideal fire alarm flasher to suit the feel and function of your premises.

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