Compliance & Testing

Compliance and Testing Services for peace of mind. Wherever ‘lifesaving’ equipment exists, it is critical to ensure that it is ready to perform in the event of an emergency.

Compliance and Testing ensures operational integrity of fire-alarm systems to take full advantage of state-of-the-art systems, reduce life-cycle costs, and extend service life. Additionally, such a process must satisfy requirements of the National Fire Alarm Code and other locally adopted codes and standards and conform to the equipment manufacturer’s published instructions.


Fire System Testing and Compliance.

We offer a range of Inspection, Maintenance and Testing procedures to ensure Compliance.
For those responsible for workplaces, there are strict requirements for the maintenance of essential services such as fire safety equipment.

Responsibilities can include maintaining equipment to specific standards, keeping maintenance records and completing necessary compliance reports.


Stars Fire & Safety’s specialized compliance and testing teams can regularly test and audit your system and equipment to ensure it is in full working order and that it complies with all regional industry standards and government regulations.


We have a comprehensive understanding of all these standards as well as the varying differences in application specific to each situation. We abide by stringent standards and regulations relating to the maintenance of fire safety, protection equipment and systems within buildings and businesses.


We specialize in compliance and are able to test and audit fire equipment and systems for our customers. This includes maintaining equipment to the required regulatory standards, keeping up-to-date maintenance records and providing the appropriate compliance reports.


We will ensure that your systems meet the relevant standards and building codes and most importantly, that they are available and functional in the event of an emergency.

Whether Stars Fire & Safety have commissioned your fire systems or you have existing systems in place, we are able to offer you with testing and compliance of your equipment and systems to ensure that they are safe and performing at their optimum.

Our Compliance/ Testing process involves:

  • Regular testing and audits of systems and equipment
  • Compliance with regional and government standards and regulations
  • Retains maintenance records
  • Complete Building Warrant of Fitness services
  • Inspection and testing is an important part of the life of any system or equipment, particularly when it involves life and property safety.

The Compliance Schedule offered by Stars Fire & Safety is a legal document which specifies the testing and inspection requirements for each system and feature listed.
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Our Compliance Aspects

Stars Fire & Safety undertakes the following types of Compliance and Testing:

Sprinkler systems

Fire Alarm systems

EWIS systems

Riser systems

Hydrant systems

Emergency Lighting systems

Gas Flood systems

Aspirating systems

Hose Reels


Passive features such as Safety Barriers, Means of Escape, Disabled Access, Fire and Smoke separation signs

Automatic doors

Automatic backflow devices

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