Central Battery System

Advanced, Modular and Configurable

As fire alarm systems are life safety systems, they must have a battery backup in order that they will operate in the event of a mains failure. All parts of the system, including auxiliary power supplies must have a battery backup.

This unit itself uses a three-state charger, using Boost, Float or Pulse modes depending on the current state of the battery.


Under mains fail conditions the PSU will disconnect the batteries when they are fully discharged to prevent battery damage. The PSU will also signal a fault if it detects high internal resistance within the battery.

The CBS unit is equipped with a controller to supervise the operation of the entire system and archive any information on the occurred events and system condition. It has an intelligent charger to supervise the entire battery charge process and automatically stop the process in the event when battery is damaged.

Depending on the type of facility, it is possible to connect substations to diversify the central battery system functionalities, thus reducing the installation costs by shortening circuits with installed Fire System.

Damage to the central unit does not result in complete system failure, as substations take control of final circuits and systems. The SD card used in the system allows saving the periodic test results, event log and system configuration. The above-mentioned information is stored in non-volatile memory of the controller.

  • Modular system design
  • Quick-assembly system
  • Freely programmable mode of operation for each circuit (monitoring of circuits)
  • Freely programmable mode of operation for each system, regardless of the circuit
  • Ability to adjust the system to the layout of fire zones
  • Possible text description of each luminaire, circuit and control
  • 4 keys with freely programmable functions
  • 4 keys with programmed functions
  • With shorting of any conductor to the protective one, the battery supply operation is possible by use of separate AC and DC protections

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