Monitoring System

Advanced, Intelligent and Addressable.
The monitoring system is installed near the Fire Panel and/or Sprinkler Valves. In the event of fire alarm activation, the system picks up the fire alarm signal from the Fire Panel/Sprinkler, and simultaneously transmits the data to the local Fire Station via our Monitoring Centre. When this occurs, the local Fire Station responds accordingly, and the Monitoring Centre contacts your nominated contact(s) as listed in our database to advise them of the incident.


To ensure the device is in communication mode at all times, an automatic daily test is carried out to verify that both the Primary Link (radio signal) and Secondary Link (PSTN back up telephone line) remain connected, and that the device is communicating with the monitoring centre.

In the event of communication failure by one or both links, and/or if the Fire Indicator Panel is indicating a system fault, we flag the fault to the Monitoring Centre where contact is made with the nominated contact(s) accordingly.


Delivers a faster signal transmission speed compared to traditional technology – between 1 to 3 seconds compared to 45 seconds from standard alarm monitoring.


Enhances reliability — our patented mesh network technology creates multiple paths for an emergency signal to reach first responders.


Reduces monitoring costs — since your panel is linked to your local EMS without telephone line charges, cellular charges or tower-based private radio fees.


Our Systems Can Be Adapted To:

  • IP
  • Cellular Connections
  • Phone Line
  • DVACS (Digital Voice Access Control Systems)

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