All new Fire alarm systems and fire safety equipment have to be commissioned to ensure they have been installed correctly. After comprehensive testing an official certificate of commissioning can be supplied to state the system has met the required standards for fire authorities.


A Fire/ Smoke management system is a critical element of a building’s life safety system. Designed to control the movement of smoke during a fire emergency, smoke management systems provide a safe egress route to building occupants. Knowledge and experience is essential to achieving safety goals and regulatory compliance.


Stars Fire & Safety includes the cost of commissioning on all jobs, so the price we quote you is the price you pay.

Fire / Life Safety System Commissioning

We offer a range of certified commissioning services
Water System Tests.

Water Systems, Circuits, Hydraulic system, Pipelines, Drainage, Valves, Alarm System, Reels, Control Ssytem and Air Supply Systems would be rigorously tested.


The test certificates/reports shall contain the following particulars:

  • Date of test
  • Apparatus or section under test
  • Makers number (if any)
  • Nature, duration and conditions of test
  • Result of test
  • Name of Contractor’s representative (in block letter) in charge of test
  • Name of Employer’s representative at witness the test

Electrical & Alarm System Tests.

Building regulations set out requirements for the control of the spread of fire between adjacent buildings. Stars Fire & Safety uses graphic software packages that enable us to calculate fire temperatures and analyses complex facades.


This enables the incorporation of windows in buildings with close boundaries and is an excellent tool to calculate the spread of fire in buildings during construction.

Gaseous Extinguishing System Tests

Gaseous Extinguishing System and manifolds shall be tested in accordance with the Fire Safety Specification.


Pipework shall be tested for specifies time and pressure. An onsite full discharge test is performed after completion of the installation to confirm that the design conditions have been met and is up-to the specified safety level.


The contractors/ sub-contractors shall follow all relevant FSD requirements and circular letters on the requirements of discharge tests. The discharged design agents shall be refilled in the gas cylinders after the tests.


Finally all the equipment after the discharge tests are reset to the original operational condition.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Tests.

Each self-contained luminary and internally illuminated exit sign shall be energized from its battery by simulation of a failure of the normal supply to the lighting for a period of the rated duration of the battery. During this period all luminaries and/or signs shall be examined and tested to ensure that they are functioning correctly.


Each central battery system shall be energized from its battery by simulation of a failure of the supply to the normal lighting for a period of the rated duration of the battery.


For emergency lighting system and exit signs provided with central monitoring, testing and logging system, the system shall be tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.

Emergency Generators Tests.

Tests would include full visual inspection, safety check, functional and performance test for the emergency generator installation. The tests shall include measurement on noise confirming compliance with the statutory requirements and/or as required by the Environmental Protection Department.


Emergency generators for fire service installation shall be located in separate room unless otherwise agreed.


After full test of the fire service installations in a building or premises have been carried out, with all systems connected to the mains electricity supply, the mains electricity supply shall be switched off to simulate power failure and the emergency generator shall start automatically.


During this period, the performance of each fire service installation shall be monitored and recorded. After the testing, the emergency generator set shall be examined and all instruments, safety devices cialisfrance24.com etc. shall indicate normal running of the generator. Finally the fuel tank shall be topped up-to the default initial level.

Smoke Tests.

Hot smoke test shall be carried out where specified or as required. The hot smoke test would be conducted to meet the purpose for simulating the prototype of a real fire under specific dynamic buoyant flow of smoke and heat intensity in a controlled manner and for assessing the performance of smoke management system, smoke control system and smoke extraction system with the given building geometry.


Where hot smoke test indicates deficiency in smoke management system, smoke control system, smoke extraction system and the like included in the Works, necessary rectifications are to be made to it.


Where the smoke management system is not included in the Works, the deficiency need to be reported and propose improvement measures need to be carried pout. The detailed test report at the end of the test that shall include all the recommendations and improvement details of the hot smoke test.

Commissioning is an essential part of fitting your fire alarm so even if we haven’t installed your fire system, our teams of commissioning engineers will be more than happy to check the system and issue your certificate of compliance.


From a multi zone address linked system to a handful of smoke alarms, you can be sure our installation will be sound.


Stars Fire & Safety has experience testing and commissioning smoke management and life safety systems. We can help you ensure a smooth and successful life safety Inspection and Commissioning.

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Our Commissioning Expertise

Stars Fire & Safety undertakes the following types of aspects of Commissioning.

Construction Administration

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Mass Notification Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Low-Level, High-Expansion Foam

Low-Level AFFF Foam

Smoke Control Systems

Develop Functional Performance Test Procedures

Special Inspections

Water Supply Testing

Final Acceptance Testing

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