Loop Sounder

Controlled Volume, Addressable, Self powered and Intelligent.
The intelligent addressable loop powered sounders provide synchronized signalling from an Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel’s SLC (Signalling Line Circuit) loop. Each Sounder receives both power and communications from the signalling line circuit.


Applications are wide and varied, but ideal applications include corridors, offices, dormitory living quarters, nursing homes, retirement homes and hospital patient rooms.

Installing a Loop Sounder System with short-circuit isolation provides complete sounder circuit integrity. By wiring the sounder circuit in a loop instead of a traditional radial, all sounders will remain operational in the event of a short-circuit or open circuit fault.


Use of the Loop Sounder System will greatly increase the reliability of the sounder circuits and in many cases result in a saving in the amount of cable used. Each loop can accommodate up to multiple sounders. Suitable for use on both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, the system provides much greater protection against faults than the ‘dual radial’ circuit arrangements commonly used.


Tremendous installation cost advantages can be realized when installing Loop Sounders due to material and labor savings. Since power can be provided by the Fire Alarm Control Panel’s SLC loop, there is no need for additional power supplies or additional wire.


In addition, installation time is sharply reduced because sounders can be installed on the same circuits with pull stations, smoke detectors and other addressable input devices.

We offer a wide range of advanced, addressable, approved Loop Sounder system that fits your every need

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