Sounder Detector

Combined Sounder Indicator and Detector
The Combined Sounder and Detector is designed to provide one point notification and detection. Advanced design and technology, providing a very cost-effective solution as part of a fire alarm system.


Including a multi-criteria optical detection chamber, micro-processor control to support a reduction of un-wanted false alarms, and an integral sounder. Switch selectable modes of detection, removing the need for having to think about separate heat and smoke detection.

  • Addressable
  • Wireless/ Wired
  • Available with a choice of detectors
  • Bi-directional (monitored) radio platform
  • A choice of tones
  • Certified to EN 54-25

Offering the advanced features, our product range and housed in an attractive molding the combined detector contains a powerful processor and utilizes surface mount technology to achieve the ultimate in performance and reliability. The sounder section utilizes a high output sounder, switch mode power supply and a sensitive narrow band FM receiver. Additional options include fully monitored input, for connection to other devices, selectable sounder tones and supporting up to 99 areas.


Fully electrically configurable, the combined detector stores a unique serial number and length of time in service in its non-volatile memory. The combined detector can be supplied as: i) optical smoke, ii) heat detector which is programmable to either fixed point or rate of rise at the panel.


The combined detector is designed to comply with all appropriate sections of EN54.

We offer a wide range of Addressable, Synchronizable, Low Frequency, Intelligent Sounder Detector units that fits your every need

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