Stars Fire & Safety understands that just knowing the codes and standards is not good enough. Codes and standards help engineers with rules for assessing fire safety. But by focusing on the intent of the regulations, the firm’s expert staff provides clients with a value-added approach to fire protection and life safety challenges.


Our fire safety consultants provide expert advice on how to improve and update your systems to bring you up to code, while our fire inspection reports and inspections will give you the utmost confidence in the safety of your building.


Our Code Consulting Services provide:

  • Code Compliance Review, Evaluation and Planning
  • Codes/Standards Research, Analysis and Design Criteria
  • Code Equivalency Development and Documentation
  • Negotiation with Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Variance Requests
  • Performance-Based Code Compliance
  • Due Diligence Surveys

Fire Protection Consulting

We offer a range of fire safety consulting and advisory services.

A comprehensive Master Fire Protection Plan for a site or facility addresses all aspects of fire protection including:

  • Fire protection water supply (fire hydrants, fire pumps, water storage tanks)
  • Exposure protection between structures
  • Fire department access
  • Site-wide fire alarm
  • Mass notification


A Code Footprint summarizes a facility’s building and fire code features in a dynamic report supported by explanatory diagrams and comments. The report conveys technical information in a pictorial “snapshot,” outlining key elements of building and fire code requirements. The Code Footprint simply, but fully, outlines the facility’s life safety and fire protection features.


This relatively new concept, which is increasingly being required by building code authorities around the country. When creating a Code Footprint plan, Stars Fire & Safety provides documentation that exceeds the minimum criteria required by most state and national fire safety authorities.


A Fire Protection Engineering Code Analysis addresses the codes and standards related to the specific requirements of the project and includes alternative approaches to achieve compliance and which can entail:

  • Prescriptive and performance-based code reviews to determine typeof construction, height and area limitations, building separation or exposure protection
  • Smoke compartmentation and smoke barriers to determine how thoseelements conform to required codes and standards

Stars Fire & Safety’s qualified staff know the model codes, including the International Family of Codes. This enables us to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to complex challenges. Balancing prescriptive and performance-based code criteria, Stars Fire & Safety specializes in developing engineering concepts that are practical for the client and acceptable to building and fire code officials.



In line with current trends and proposed regulations, we can assist in adapting your existing fire systems to become more compliant with ecological and sustainability practices. Our fire safety advisors and reports can help you identify how your fire safety system environmental processes can be improved. Environmental and economic benefits to this process can include:

  • Water conservation
  • Prevention of ozone depletion
  • Prevention of ozone depletion

At Stars Fire & Safety we have over 17 years of experience with code development and enforcement which provides the foundation of experience that our team use when providing consulting services for our clients.


Our team actively participates on various International Code Council (ICC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) committees in the national code development process.

Our services begin with a detailed examination of the project situation to assure a clear understanding of our engagement.


We can evaluate your current fire protection systems and building features to determine whether or not the building, contents, and occupants are properly protected in accordance with all applicable standards, local code requirements, and good fire protection and life safety practices. Stars Fire & Safety can then prepare a clear and concise report on our findings.

Our team at Stars Fire & Safety specializes in fire protection engineering and life safety solutions. We can also provide recommendations on how to bring the fire protection systems and building fire and life safety features into compliance with building, fire and life safety codes.


We work closely with our clients to write bids and specifications and select contractors to perform any needed work.

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Our Consultation Expertise

Stars Fire & Safety undertakes the following types of Consultation Services.

Fire, Life Safety, and Building Code Compliance

Fire Protection Systems

Hazardous Materials

Technical Assistance

Legal Research

Fire Protection System Investigations

Site Development Reports

Loss Prevention

Wireless Fire Alarm Signaling Transmission Networks

Fire Service Planning and Management

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