Public Address & Voice Evacuation Systems

Integrated Public Address, Voice and Messaging System
Buildings and infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. Streams of customers, constantly changing employees, outside contractors and suppliers – countless people move through buildings every day. But not everyone is familiar with the building and knows where the emergency exits are located.

In a serious incident, the risk is very high that people will not be able to safely escape the danger zone. In our modern society, great efforts are made to minimize life-threatening risks. As a result, owners and operators of buildings are liable for what happens in their buildings – legally and morally – even for unforeseen events in which technical and organizational rescue efforts ultimately prove to be insufficient.

Deployment of safe and efficient alarm and emergency guidance concepts and successful implementation of additional measures requires experience and know-how. As a market leader in fire safety, security and building automation, Siemens can provide this expertise and deliver efficient solutions to meet your needs.

A voice evacuation life safety system is often a more effective, faster and safer means of evacuating and/or messaging occupants in an emergency. Our Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging system is designed for distributed intelligence and ultimate survivability. Fully integrated into the line of intelligent fire alarm panels, this modular voice evacuation system adds the benefits of voice messaging to any size application. Building occupants receive clear concise voice instructions pertaining to their specific location, proximity to the situation and emergency strategy – all delivered at the same time.

Built-In Redundancy: A back-up is integrated into each voice evacuation amplifier for increased survivability, risk reduction and equipment savings.

Virtually Unlimited Messages: Each amplifier’s messages are customizable. Amplifiers can operate independently allowing for each amplifier to simultaneously play unique pre-recorded messages or alert tones.

Fully Digital: Evacuation or other response strategy messages are clear, distinct and easily customizable.

Fault Tolerant Architecture: The fire alarm system continues to operate effectively, even if one component fails for any reason. It offers live paging or messaging from pre-recorded audio files. This prevents bandwidth limitations and eliminates the need / cost of a centralized audio bank.

Scalable: The modular design of the Fike Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging system makes it the right choice for everything from single facilities to high-rise buildings and multi-building campuses.

We offer a wide range of Integrated high end, evacuation, public addressing and messaging system that fits your every need

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