Advanced and Addressable.
We provide Intelligent Addressable Sounder that can be employed in virtually any area and can be connected to any your system. Sounders communicate the current condition of the alarm on-site.  In the event of an alarm activation, it alerts people to an emergency situation, enabling the safe and swift evacuation of the premises.


Our addressable sounder is a high quality device designed to alert building occupants of an emergency. The product features a new folded horn design which provides outstanding sound output at low current draw. With its modern design, global tone set and extensive installer-friendly features, the sounder is the logical choice for specifiers, installers and distributors.

The device features:

  • Individual and group addressing
  • High sound output
  • Low current consumption
  • Self-test fault monitoring
  • Choice of tones on standard device
  • Multiple volume settings
  • Synchronisation of tones
  • Built in isolator
  • Red or white options
  • Loop-powered
  • IP65 rated
  • Lockable base
  • Low current and high volume
  • Fully synchronised
  • Set up and test at point of installation

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