Multi Sensor Detector

Intelligent Multi-Criteria / Multi-Sensor Detectors

Our most advanced intelligent spot detectors, multi-criteria devices use multiple sensors to detect multiple conditions and sense a wider range of fires with greater accuracy. Our Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector is also a multi-sensor technology that combines both multi-criteria fire detection and life safety carbon monoxide (CO) detection in a single device.


Multisensor Detector comprises optical smoke and thermistor temperature sensors which give both a combined signal as well as a separate heat signal for improved false alarm management.

  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Enhanced false alarm management
  • Recommended, in specific modes, for hotel bedrooms and hospital wards
  • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure
  • Well suited for sensitive environments
  • Multiple response models
  • Heat only and optical only options
  • Remote test feature

This plug-in fire detector combines four separate sensing elements in one unit:

  • Photoelectric chamber senses airborne particulate for smoke detection,
  • Electrochemical cell technology monitors carbon monoxide (CO) produced by smoldering fires,
  • Infrared (IR) sensing measures ambient light levels and flame signatures,
  • Thermal detection monitors temperature.


The integration of continual monitoring for all four major elements of a fire has enabled System Sensor to create a detector that responds more quickly to an actual fire with the highest immunity to nuisances. This advanced multi-criteria detector normally operates at a high immunity level and changes to become very sensitive to fires as soon as fire characteristics are sensed. In this way, nuisances are monitored and ignored, reducing false alarms.

We offer a wide range of advanced, intelligent, addressable, Multi-Criteria, Multi-Sensor Detectors that fits your every need

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