Manual Call Points

Isolated and Non Isolated
Manual call point which is usually referred to as an MCP, call point or Fire Point within the fire protection industry. They are used to allow building occupants to signal that a fire or other emergency exists within the building. They are usually connected to a central fire alarm panel which is in turn connected to an alarm system in the building, and often to a local fire brigade dispatcher as well.


Manual fire alarm call points for fire alarm systems are devices that enable people to raise a fire alarm in the event of a fire incident by pressing or breaking an element to activate the fire alarm system.

Manual call points are used to initiate an alarm signal, and operate by means of a simple button press. They can form part of a manual alarm system or an automatic alarm system. There will be an indicator on the monitoring unit for visual indication to locate the call point easily, and there should be a visual identifier of the unit which triggered the alarm, typically a mechanical flag which operates on a latch and must be manually reset, e.g. by a key.


The call points can be supplied with with or without Isolators (Isolated and Non-isolated). In addition to being EN54─11 compliant, the call points include a number of features designed to make installation and testing quick, easy and cost effective. The call points:

  • Are loop-powered, saving wiring costs
  • Have a resettable element for fast testing and resetting of the device
  • Have bi-coloured LEDs to indicate fault and normal conditions
  • Feature ‘plug and play’ terminal connections for fast wiring
  • Allow wiring continuity testing before fitting

We offer a wide range of advanced, modular isolated and non isolated Manual call points that fits your every need

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