Line Isolator

Advanced and Addressable Line Isolator Modules.
Line Isolator Module is designed to be used on all the addressable loop. It monitors the line condition and upon detection of a short circuit it isolates the affected section whilst allowing the rest of the addressable loop to function normally.


The Line Isolator Module ensures that on a looped addressable system a short circuit fault cannot disable more detection devices then would be lost on a conventional non-addressable system.

The Line Isolator Modules should be spaced between groups of sensors in a loop to protect the rest of the loop. Use to isolate short circuit problems within a section of a loop so that other sections can continue to operate normally.


There are four distinct families of line isolators.  They are:

  • Data Communication Loop (DCL) Isolators – some manufacturers call them Signal Line Circuit (SLC) Isolators
  • Power Buss Isolators
  • Audio Buss Isolators
  • Suite Signal Isolators


Isolators are devices comprising a simple relay in a short sensing circuit on their out terminals.  As long as there is resistance on the circuit, they’re working in an ideal state.  When the resistance drops to nothing, they activate to preserve the loop integrity on their side.

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