Compressors and Filling Stations

Stars Fire & Safety understands rescue related equipment needs to work as designed – there are often no second chances. We are proud of our reputation as a leader in providing emergency response equipment, giving you the ability to respond with confidence to emergency situations.

We have developed our own innovative products and also distribute products from world leaders in the design and manufacture of respiratory protection equipment and specialize breathing air compressors.

High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors.

This fixed gas detection system is a scalable one to four-channel wall mount receiver/controller for transmitters for oxygen, toxic and flammable gases and built in alarm and optional battery backup. It is simple to operate with an intuitive menu


Purification and Fill Control
High tech ancillary components to help ensure breathing air is safe and cylinders are correctly filled.


Charge Stations
Innovative, ergonomically designed units, allowing you to refill breathing air cylinders quickly and easily.


Fast Fill and Storage Stations
Rapidly recharge Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus. Ideally suited to mine emergency work applications.


High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors
Self-contained breathing apparatus requires cylinders filled with pure, dry breathing air that meets the required standards. We provides a range of reliable, easy to use compressors that can be configured to your requirements.

Suitable for fire, rescue, mining and industrial safety applications.


  • Portable range: Versatile compressors that provide compressed breathing air where and when you need it.
  • Stationary Range: Dedicated research and development has resulted in a range of high quality compressors incorporating the latest technology.
  • Hush Air: The Hush Air is one of the quietest stationary air compressors that feature patented purification system.
  • Simple Air: The Simple Air is a complete compressor assembly with maximum air flow design.

Purification & Fill Control
At the heart of the compressor is a precisely matched purification system. This industry-leading system features a steadfast moisture separator, unwavering purification chambers and a reliable back-pressure valve.

  • Delivers the purest air available for life support.
  • Exceeds respiratory standards set by OSHA, CGA and NFPA
  • Manufactured with space-age, lightweight, high-strength, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy
  • Safe, dependable and easily maintained.
  • Industry proven


Air Purification System: This industry-leading system features a steadfast moisture separator, unwavering purification chambers and a reliable back-pressure valve.


The Controller microprocessor monitors and controls the compressor’s operation to ensure clean, breathable air is delivered to each cylinder.


The Smart Fill Auto Cascade System works with or without a compressor and on both stationary and truck-mounted units.

Charge Stations
Charge stations are the most innovative on the market, filling breathing air cylinders quickly and easily. The units are ergonomically designed and third party tested and certified, including NFPA approval.

All charge stations come with

  • Safety interlocks
  • Gauges (storage-compressor and cylinder)
  • Charge and bleed valves
  • Pressure regulator for automatic cylinder charging.


Revolve Air: The revolutionary charge module provides maximum safety and performance, simultaneously charging and exchanging breathing air cylinders.


Guardian Charging Module This economical unit is a complete, total containment breathing air cylinder charging module featuring rigid charge adapters and a host of safety features

Fast Fill & Storage Stations
Ideal for fast breathing air refills during mine emergencies.

While breathing, the user can connect to the fast fill station and rapidly recharge their cylinder rapidly. The user is able to continue working or firefighting while recharging their unit.

  • Intrinsically safe, pneumatically controlled operation
  • Suitable for toxic, oxygen deficient or contaminated atmospheres
  • High performance fully automatic multi stage cascade system
  • High quality “stainless steel” tubing and fittings
  • Superior cylinder pod for multiple cylinders
  • Large removable maintenance access panels
  • Filling panel with multiple outlets
  • Options: cache and stowage for rescue tools and equipment, quick detachment system, first response kit
  • Special builds & custom models available

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